Facing Foreclosure? Allow Us to Help You

Desperate times require desperate measures.
Foreclosure is one of those times which can drive people against the wall. It makes people desperate.
What measures do people often take when their property is about to be foreclosed?
More importantly, if your property is about to be foreclosed, what are YOU doing about it?
Perhaps, like most, you may have had some help and know a thing or two about foreclosures. After all, a friend of a friend may have had their property foreclosed. They may have tried one of the following:

Repayment Plan

They may have tried a repayment plan so their property won’t be foreclosed. Basically, they need to pay MORE money since their loan has been restructured for a specific period. Now, if they did have that much cash on hand, they wouldn’t be facing foreclosure of their property. Now, if that didn’t work for them, it may not also work for you.

Mortgage Loan Modification

Well, others might have considered a mortgage loan modification. What happens is the loan period is extended for a specificperiod of time. Again, what they end up with is borrowing money to pay off the loan. In fact, they borrow MORE money since the modified mortgage loan requiresthemto pay MORE than what they should have if they paid off their mortgage.


In this method, payment of a lower amount stipulated in the mortgage is allowed. There are concessions made in some instances, such as the severe illness of a family member. Some would opt for this method to enable them to keep their home. However, the loan still exists, and there is a lengthy process involved before a forbearance is granted.

Short Sale

This one is simple, and one which is made when people are really desperate. A short sale is selling the property for less than the amount of the mortgage.When sold, You will be made to sign a waiver so that you won’t have to pay the deficiency of the debt.

There are other options, but here is where we come in.

Here is how we can help you, and this is the best and most equitable option for you:

Sell Us Your House

Selling us your house isn’t a move born out of desperation, but one made out of sensible consideration. You have seen a few of the options mentioned above, and these only add more stress and aggravation to your life. Who needs more problems when life is already complicated?

Let’s make things simple and easy.

Selling us your house is simple, as it involves three basic steps:

  1. Call or submit your information
  2. Meet with us at your home
  3. Choose your closing date.

No third parties or real estate agents are involved. It’s just between you and us. You receive payment for your property faster and with little or no hassles. Guaranteed.

Who are we?

We are Regal Home Buyers,and we specialize in acquiring property. We are the ones who can make your life easier and less stressful when it comes to selling your property.

If you have property problems in Colorado, give us a call at 720 263 4447.