In today’s real estate market, it is more stressful than ever to sell a home quickly. Consecutively, more and more people are selling their houses to professional home buyers. Unlike traditional home buyers, professional home buyers buy the house as is and will give you cash as soon as you accept the quotation that they give you for the home. Furthermore, selling your house to a professional home buyer will not only save you from the hassles of convincing the people to buy it, but it also provides you with quick cash. Whether you want to sell your house fast and be done with it or you are in a situation where you absolutely have to sell quickly, selling your home to a home buyer can be a great alternative. However, choosing the right professional home buyer is not as easy as it sounds, considering the fact that there are a plethora of professional home buyers flooding the market today.

Besides, it’s not uncommon for sellers to get taken in by the lure of seemingly profitable professional home buyer scams. Watch out for these four warning signs when choosing a professional home buyer.

1. They don’t want to see the house- If a professional home buyer is willing to pay you top dollar for your house without even seeing it once, odds are they are a scammer. Besides, even professional home buyers who purchase rundown homes will send someone to the house to take a look at it first. Furthermore, a professional home buyer who doesn’t want to see the house before purchasing it doesn’t have any real interest in buying the property. Instead, they just want to scam as much money from the seller as they can.

2. Bad online reviews- Never choose a professional home buyer without checking their client reviews and testimonials- and pay attention to what those reviews say. Even though one negative review shouldn’t deter you, if most of the reviews are negative, make sure you look for another professional home buyer.

3. Internet presence- In the modern world, legitimate professional home buyers have a website, social media pages and blogs. Furthermore, if a professional home buyer doesn’t have a web portal or social media account, there’s a good chance that they have something to hide.

4. The buyer is unprofessional- Reputable professional home buyers are experienced professionals who take their business seriously. Furthermore, a reputable professional home buyer will usually refrain from high-pressure tactics and behaving unprofessionally with their client.

While these were some of the signs of an untrustworthy professional home buyer, there are many others, such as the buyer seems overly eager to share financial details, the buyer doesn’t live in the country, the buyer communicates via email only among many others.